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April 02.2022

The headquartered of CQFlag is in Frankfurt, German, CQFlag is a major producer of Flag, Banner, and Parasol for display and advertisement.

With history traced back to 1918, CQFlag has grown to 5 companies around the world, been the flag advertising supplier of two-thirds of the world's top 500 cooperation, exports to more than 200 countries and regions, providing products for hundreds of sports events with over 500 employees.

We can produce products in multiple fabric, stormflag (Knitted fabric), shipflag160g( woven fabric), softflag 135(Non-woven fabric), satin, display。。

CQFlag'S Flag Production advantage is principally in the following areas:

- We have 6 Zimmer print lines with magnet technique and rotary technique. In one year we can print over 53.000 km of fabric. Which is in 1m wide fabric, one and a half times around the earth.

- We have over 20 digital print machines. With over 44.000m2 print capacity per day.

- Together with our two daughter companies we have in China over 45.000m2 production area.

- In total, we are over 500 good trained and many years experienced employees.

- The best quality management guarantee the best quality. TOP laboratory equipment.

- 3 DIN ISO certificates, SEDEX audit, and Tuev tested.

- With our two daughter companies, we produce the fabric by ourselves and the hardware around flags and banners and sun-umbrellas and displays.

- Most modern and fully automatic machine production (full automatic sewing machines).


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