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Vertical Rainbow flag
Vertical Rainbow flag
Vertical Rainbow flag
Vertical Rainbow flag
Vertical Rainbow flag

Vertical Rainbow flag

Item: national flag

Flags & Banners Material: Knitted Polyester,Spun Polyester

MOQ: 1pc


Printing: Digital printing, Silk screen printing

Size: customized sizes

Color: Custom Color, standard national flag colors

Certificate: SGS, ISO, TCCC, B1

Production time: 5-7 days

PrintTechnologyDye chemical screen printing
Pigment screen printing
Dye chemical digital printing(Direct injection)
Heat transfer(Dye sublimation)
UV printing
Raw Material100% knitted polyester(stormflag90g,110g,120g,135g,150g/longlife 120g)
100% Woven (spun) polyester(nonwoven 135g/shipflag 160g/satin 125g)
more than 40 different kinds of fabric available(shinning stormflag 125g)
Max Size220x600cm (7.2’x19.7’)(finished size)(if more,can addsewing line)
Color Fastness6-7 level
Color Penetration90%-100% on most fabric
After TreatmentFire Retardant(B1/M1 certificate)
Water Repellence & Coating
UV Resistance
Fluorescence Treatment

We manufacture National Flags of all countries and states in the world. The flags are produced on 100 % polyester fabric to ensure a long life for outdoor use.

The flags can be made in two different kinds of forms:

Vertical National Flags:

Vertical Flags are printed and confectionated so that the long side is hoisted on the flagpole and the short side flies freely. Because the flag is shorter, even the breeze flies the flag freely.

Horizontal National Flags:

This is the classic form for National Flags. In this case the short side is hoisted on the flagpole. The size of the flag may vary with the size of the flagpole.

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